Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii

Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Archive 2018-3


Berzenina O., Osinna I., Shtemenko N.

Physico-chemical methods in analysis of monochlorobenzene influence on the composition of surface helophytes lipids



Galaguz V.A., Malovanyi S.M., Panov E.V.

Raman spectroscopy of the LiFePO4/C nanocomposite and its electrochemical properties



Danilov F.I., Protsenko V.S., Kityk A.A., Bogdanov D.A., Baskevich A.S.

Electrodeposition of nanocrystalline nickel-titania composites from an electrolyte on the basis of deep eutectic solvent, ethaline



Zubkov S.V., Mazepa А.V., Gelmboldt V.O.

Complexes of iron (II) with aminoguanizone of isatin and nitroaminoguanizone of isatin



Lavrenyuk H.I., Mykhalichko B.M., Parhomenko V.-P.O.

Quantum-chemical simulation of the behavior of [Cu(H2NC2H4NH2)(H2NC2H4NHC2H4NH2)]SiF6 chelate complex, a fire retardant-hardener of epoxy resins, under the conditions of burning



Nagornyak M.I., Oleksa V.V., Vynnytska S.I., Dron I.A., Chekh B.O., Samaryk V.Ya., Varvarenko S.M.

Synthesis and research of polysaccharides modified via Steglich reaction



Khomenko O.M., Minaev B.P.

Potential curves and spectra of ClO– and HOCl species studied by ab initio methods



Shmychkova O., Luk’yanenko T., Dmitrikova L., Velichenko A.

Electrooxidation of 4-clorphenol on modified lead dioxide anodes



Yaremko Z.M., Bukliv R.L.

Determination of the degree of ions hydration by the electrical conductivity of their aqueous solutions



Chemical Technology

Znak Z.O., Sukhatskiy Yu.V., Mnykh R.V., Tkach Z.S.

Thermochemical analysis of energetics in the process of water sonolysis in cavitation fields



Nikolenko N.V., Dubenko A.V., Vashkevich E.Yu., Dmitrikova L.V.

Temperature optimum of the process of the dissolution of altered ilmenite in sulfuric acid



Ovcharov V.I., Sukhyy К.М., Sokolova L.А., Kalinyuk V.L., Tertyshnyy O.A., Yusupova L.R., Belyanovskaya E.A.

The use of the heat-treated rice husks as elastomeric compositions fillers



Popova I.V., Mayboroda O.I., Zinchenko N.Yu., Klimenko N.O.

Hydrolysis of inulin using citric acid for the preparation of fructose-oligosaccharide products of food industry



Savvova O.V., Logvinko S.M., Babich O.V., Zdorik А.R.

Characteristic features of the transformation of phase composition in magnesium aluminum silicate glass ceramic materials under thermal processing



Sidorov D.E., E.P. Kolosova, Kolosov A.E., Kazak I.A.

Evaluation of kinematic parameters of process of gravitational stretch of a billet for extrusion-blow molding of polymer product



Skіba М.І., Pivovarov О.А., Makarova А.К., Parkhomenko V.D.

One-pot synthesis of silver nanoparticles using discharged plasma in the presence of polyvinyl alcohol



Suberlyak O.V., Baran N.M., Melnyk Yu.Ya., Yatsulchak G.V.

Formation of composite hydrogel membranes



Tamilarasi J., Kennady C. Joseph, Velmurugan К.

Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in hydrochloric acid by using newly synthesized 3-(1H-benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl) quinolin-2-thiol