Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii

Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology


Borovets Z.I., Lutsyuk І.V.

Use of synthetic calcium hydrosilicate in Portland cement compositions



Viazovyk V.М.

Electron-catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide into formaldehyde and methanol



Gurbanov G.R., Gasimzade A.V.

Enhancing demulsification efficiency and corrosion protection in oil industry: a study of novel compositions



Klymova N., Khlopytskyi O., Kovalenko I., Makarchenko N.

Research on the extraction of rare earth elements from ash-slag waste



Kuznietsov S.I., Kachuk D.S., Venger O.O., Ivkina E.S.

Method of neutralization of nitrogen oxides in area of low-temperature plasma



Kurka M.S., Buchkevych I.R., Krvavych A.S., Kushil O.V., Karkhut A.I., Polovkovych S.V., Novikov V.P.

The study of the interaction of 1,2- and 1,4-naphthoquinones with aminophosphonic esters



Кucherenko V.O., Таmarkina Yu.V., Redko А.V., Sabierova V.О.

Adsorbents of 4-chlorophenol from long-flame coal activated by potassium hydroxide



Logvinkov S.M., Davydova O.Y., Ivashura A.A., Borysenko O.M., Shabanova H.M., Korohodska A.M.

Thermodynamics of cordierite formation during firing of water-permeable ceramics



Makarov A.S., Shkutkova O.V., Klishchenko R.E., Lysenko L.L., Kosygina I.M., Zinin V.V., Konoval O.A.

Properties of composite fuel based on pyrocarbon, a product of tire pyrolysis



Pikula I.I., Kabat O.S.

Determination of optimal technological parameters of fluoropolymer briquetting



Pylypenko I.V.

Removal of chromium (VI) from aqueous solutions by granular composites based on laponite and alginate ionotropically cross-linked by iron and zirconium ions



Poloz O.Yu., Prosyanik O.V., Farat O.K., Ebich Yu.R.

Evaluation of the activity of amine hardeners of epoxy resins



Saud I.H., Abdullah A.S., Dawood A.J.

Simulation and optimization of a liquified petroleum gas sweetening process using Aspen HYSYS



Swamy В.J.R.S.N., Narasimha Rao N., Naresh P., Raghava Rao P., Chitti Babu A., Ramesh Babu N.Ch.

Impact of Eu3+/Tb3+ ions on PbO–NaF–B2O3 glasses optical absorption spectra



Sverdlikovska O.S., Burkevich B.V., Chervakov O.V., Varlan K.Ye., Chervakov D.O.

Synthesis of polymer ionic liquids of the ionene type



Sokolova L.O., Panfilova O.A., Ovcharov V.I., Chervakov O.V., Sukha I.V.

Fatty acid amides of plant origin in elastomeric compositions



Information, Events, and Persons

Kharchenko O.V., Pavlova V.V.

On the 100th anniversary of Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Mykhailo Mykhailovych Kremlev