Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii

Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology


Bodachivska L.Yu.

Biodegradable surfactants from side streams of the vegetable oils production in technical systems



Bolibrukh L.D., Hubytska I.I., Karkhut A.I., Konechna R.T., Polovkovych S.V., Novikov V.P.

The study of the interaction of 2-chloro- and 2,3-dichloro-5(8)-RO-1,4-naphtoquinones with CH-acids



Huseyn R. Gurbanov, Aysel V. Gasimzade

Research of the impact of new compositions on the decomposition of stable water-oil emulsions of heavy oils



Danilov F.I., Bobrova L.S., Pavlenko L.M., Korniy S.A., Protsenko V.S.

Electrocatalytic activity of nickel-based coatings deposited in DES-assisted plating baths containing cerium(III) ions



Kordysh O.M., Duvanova E.S., Knyzhnyk I.A., Radio S.V., Rozantsev G.M.

Modeling of equilibria in an acidified solution of sodium orthotungstate in the presence of barium(II) ions



Kuzmenko M.Ya., Kuzmenko O.M., Filinska T.G., Bugrim V.V.

Synthesis and properties of oligodiurethane-containing carbofunctional alcohols based on polyisocyanate



Lykholat Y.

Influence of fineness of glass cullet grinding on the structure and properties of porous glass ceramic materials



Panteleimonov R.A., Boichuk О.V., Pershina K.D., Ogenko V.M.

Structural and electrochemical properties of N-doped graphene–graphite composites



Sverdlikovska O.S., Chervakov O.V., Chervakov D.O., Burkevich B.V., Levchenko Ye.P.

Polymeric ionic liquids and ionic liquids of ionen type



Semeniuk I.V., Kochubei V.V., Skorokhoda V.Y., Melnyk Y.Y., Semenyuk N.B., Koretska N.I., Pokynbroda T.Y.

Temperature and physical-mechanical properties of thermoplastic materials based on polyhydroxybutyrate



Subtelnyy R.O., Kichura D.B., Dzinyak B.O.

Synthesis of petroleum resins in the presence of aliphatic aminoperoxides



Khomenko О.S., Datsenko B.M., Fomenko G.V.

Determination of approaches to the development of ceramic compositions for the manufacture of facial bricks



Shaforost Yu.A., Galagan R.L., Korol Ya.D., Lut O.A.

Basics of waste-free processing of sludge waste from «Cherkasy Khimvolokno» chemical plant



Shtemenko Nataliia, Holichenko Oleksandr, Shtemenko Olexandr

Comparative investigation of interaction of the dirhenium(III) cluster compound with different nucleotide content DNAs