Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii

Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology


Shmychkova O., Protsenko V., Velichenko A.

Wastewater treatment from pharmaceuticals: a review



Avramenko V.L., Cherkashyna G.M., Pidhorna L.P.

Study of properties of acrylic, epoxy and epoxy acrylic compositions structured by the methods of convection heating and heating in the field of high-frequency current



Аlekseeva Т.Т., Iarova N.V.

Temperature- and pH-sensitive hydrogels of sequential Ti-containing interpenetrating polymer networks



Harutyunyan L.R., Harutyunyan R.S.

On the mechanism of acrylamide emulsion polymerization with the participation of its dimers



Berzenina O.V., Kytova D.E., Shtemenko A.V., Shtemenko N.I.

Surface lipids of Kalanhoe as a material for nanoparticles preparation



Gaidarzhy I.I., Motnyak L.A., Kunshenko B.V.

Synthesis of procaine analogues containing pentafluoroethoxy groups in the aromatic nucleus



Girenko D., Shmychkova O., Velichenko A.

Low concentrated green NaClO: influence of cathode material on kinetic regularities of electrolysis



Hordieiev Yu.S., Karasik E.V., Amelina А.A.

Properties of glasses in the system BaO–B2O3–SiO2–xAl2O3 (x=0; 5; 10 mol.%)



Grishchenko L.M., Zaderko A.N., Tsapyuk G.G., Matushko I.P., Yatsymyrskyi A.V., Mischanchuk O.V.

Dehydration of isopropyl alcohol with activated carbon functionalized with Br- and S-containing reagents



Koltsova Y.I., Ovcharenko V.I.

Porous glass ceramic materials with decorative-protective coating



Korniy S.А., Zin I.М., Danyliak M.-O.М., Khlopyk O.P., Protsenko V.S., Bilyi L.M., Holovchuk M.Ya., Zin Ya.I.

Protective properties of mechanochemically fabricated zeolite/phosphate anticorrosion pigments for paint coatings



Lukashov V.К., Кostiuchenko Y.V., Sereda V.I.

Concentration of aqueous solutions of low-volatile liquids in a falling film with evaporation into a cross-gas flow



Suvorin А.V., Shorokhov M.N., Ozheredova M.A., Bliznjuk O.N., Ryshchenko I.M., Masalitina N.Yu.

Purification of Cr(VI)-containing wastewater by chemical precipitation: test results of an experimental-industrial installation



Sukhyy K.M., Belyanovskaya E.A., Nosova A.N., Sukhyy M.K., Kryshen V.P., Huang Y., Kocherhin Yu., Hryhorenko T.

Properties of epoxy-thiokol materials based on the products of the preliminary reaction of thioetherification



Trush V.A., Kariaka N.S., Konovalova I.S., Shishkina S.V., Amirkhanov V.M.

Synthesis, crystal structure, Hirschfeld surface analysis and biological activity prediction of N-(dimethoxyphosphoryl)-1-methylpyridinium-4-carboximidate



Chervakov D.O., Sverdlikovska O.S., Chervakov O.V.

Development of thermoplastic composite materials based on modified polypropylene