Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii

Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology


Snizhko L.O., Holovenko V.O., Оvcharenko V.I., Kalinichenko O.O., Roienko K.V., Bezditnyi V.V.

An overview of the possibilities of plasma electrolytic synthesis of catalysts on metal carriers



Anisimov V.N., Anisimov V.V.

Linear block-polyurethanes with optimal molecular topology for tribotechnology



Apostolova R.D., Shembel E.M.

Thin-layer electrodes prepared from natural FeS2-pyrite and electrolytically synthesized FeS2 composite for their application in lithium battery



Borovyk P.V., Orysyk S.I., Repich H.H., Likhanov A.F., Mishchenko A.M., Zborovskii Yu.L., Orysyk V.V., Palchikovska L.G., Pekhnyo V.I., Vovk M.V.

Spectral characteristics and cytostatic effect of Pd(II) and Pt(II) carbothioamide π-complexes on Allium cepa L meristem cells



Bulat О.F., Davydov S.L., Oparin S.O., Kholyavchenko L.T., Klyuev E.S.

The preparation of environmentally problematic energy sources for their further safe use by steam-plasma treatment



Velychko O.G., Liu Т., Abramov S.O., Marchuk I.V., Gryshin V.S.

Technological features of the preparation of cluster thermal barrier coatings on copper surfaces of the converter lance tips



Grinko A.M., Brichka A.V., Bakalinska О.М., Oranska O.I., Каrtel М.Т.

Кaolin/cerium oxide nanocomposites: properties and activity in hydrogen peroxide decomposition reaction



Dubenko A.V., Nikolenko N.V., Velichenko A.B., Suschinskii A.D.

Thermodynamic modeling of sulfate-acid and sulfate-fluoride leaching of titanium



Ivanitska V.G., Dzyubinska N.S., Bab’yuk Yu.V., Sklyarchuk V.M., Fochuk P.M.

Chemical modification of Cd0.9Zn0.1Te surface



Kirianchuk V.F., Demchuk Z.I., Domnich B.S., Kohut A.M., Budishevska O.H., Voronov A.S., Voronov S.A.

Synthesis and characterization of high-oleic sunflower oil-based monomer and its polymers



Koltsova Y.I., Peschanskaya V.V.

Multilayer glass-crystalline materials



Коrolev O.O., Bondar O.S., Kurmakova I.M., Syza O.I.

Effect of protonation on anticorrosion properties of polyheteroatomic inhibitors of acid corrosion of steel



Lukashov V.К., Кostiuchenko Y.V., Shevtsova T.M.

Simulation of heat transfer in a flowing film of a evaporating liquid into a cross flow of a neutral gas



Mammadova E.S., Salaeva Z.Ch., Huseinova A.E., Mammadaliev G.A.

Synthesis and application of alkylphenols obtained by alkylation of phenol with С8–С10 α-olefins



Meiirbekov M.N., Ismailov M.B., Manko Т.А.

The effect of the modification of an epoxy resin by liquid oligomers on the physical-mechanical properties of composites



Nekrasov P.О., Gudz О.M., Nekrasov О.P., Berezka T.O.

Optimizing the parameters of the production process of fat systems with a minimum content of trans-isomers



Oleksenko L.P., Fedorenko G.V., Maksymovych N.P.

Gas sensitive properties of adsorption semiconductor sensor based on nanosized material СеО2/SnO2–Sb2O5



Patrylak L.K., Pertko O.P., Povazshnyi V.A., Voloshyna Yu.G., Melnychuk O.V., Yakovenko A.V.

The activity of metal-containing catalysts based on mesoporous carbon in the conversion of n-hexane



Peredriy O.I., Yemchenko I.V., Pakholiuk O.V., Sheginsky O.V.

The influence of heat treatment on the phase composition of coatings based on full aluminosiloxane polymer



Rozhdestvenska L.M., V’yunov O.I., Ponomarova L.N., Bilduykevich A.V., Plisko T.V., Zmievskii Y.G., Ivchenko V.D.

Modification of ultrafiltration polymeric membranes with dispersed oxide nanoparticles



Sabierova V.O., Tamarkina Yu.V., Kucherenko V.O.

The efficiency of heat shock during alkaline activation of brown coal



Savvova O.V., Shimon V.M., Babich O.V., Shimon M.V., Ashukina N.O., Sherehii A.A.

Evaluation of the periods of resorption and mineralization for calcium-phosphate-silicate glass-ceramic materials



Sybir A.V., Fedorov S.S., Hubynskyi M.V., Hubynskyi S.M., Koval S.V., Sukhyy K.M., Foris S.M.

Thermal purification of natural graphite by means of high-speed heating



Simurova N.V., Maiboroda O.I., Popova I.V.

Synthesis of N-alkyl-N-[5-furyl/thienyl-1,3,4-oxadiazolyl]-2-pentenamides



Taranenkova V.V., Pitak Ya.N., Shabanova G.N.

Binding properties of oxide compounds of special cements in interaction with water



Terebilenko K.V., Petrenko O.V., Tokmenko I.I., Slobodyanik M.S.

Crystal-chemical aspects of isomorphism in the system Na0.5Bi0.5MoO4–BiVO4



Chebanenko E.A., Martsinko E.E., Seifullina I.I., Dyakonenko V.V., Shishkina S.V.

The formation and structure of the heterometallic coordination polymer in the system GeO2–xylaric, oxalic acids–CuCl2–2,2′-bipyridine–H2O/C2H5OH



Chebotarev A.N., Snigur D.V., Shcherbakova T.M., Guzenko E.M., Zhukovetska E.M.

Sorption-spectrophotometric determination of nonionic surfactants traces in various categories of waters



Shchukina L.P., Galushka Ya.O., Savenkov A.S., Khlopytskyi A.А.

Prospects of the application of coal ash materials to produce construction heat-insulation ceramics