Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii

Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology


Danilov F.I., Protsenko V.S.

Chromium electrodeposition using electrolytes based on trivalent chromium compounds: a review



Avdeenko A.P., Burmistrov K.S., Holmovoj Yu.P., Yusina A.L., Konovalova S.A.

Determination of redox potentials of some quinone imines by direct potentiometry



Girenko D., Shmychkova O., Velichenko A.

Electrolysis of sodium chloride solutions on Ti/Pt anodes under current reversal conditions



Gorbach L.A., Lutsik O.D., Babkina N.V., Brovko O.O.

The features of formation, phase morphology and physicochemical properties of organic-inorganic composites based on macrodiisocyanate and water solution of sodium silicate



Zaichuk A.V., Amelina A.A., Khomenko Y.S., Baskevich A.S., Kalishenko Y.R.

Heat-resistant ceramics of β-eucryptite composition: peculiarities of production, microstructure and properties



Znak Z.O., Sukhatskiy Yu.V., Helesh A.B., Mnykh R.V.

Energy-condensed compositions for generation of black aerosol clouds



Kozak N.V., Shantalii T.A.

Influence of the structure of an inorganic component on the permeability of low molecular probe into organo-inorganic polyimide nanocomposites based on tetraethoxysilane and methyltriethoxysilane



Kustov M.V., Kalugin V.D., Deineka V.V., Shabanova G.M., Korohodska A.M., Slepuzhnikov E.D., Deyneka D.M.

Radioprotective cement for long-term storage of nuclear waste



Mischenchuk V.V., Tkachuk M.M., Yuzkova V.D., Velyka A.Ya., Panimarchuk O.I., Panasenko N.V., Diichuk I.V.

The influence of nonequilibrium diffuse layer on the calculation of reaction kinetic parameters by steady-state voltammetry



Sozontov V.G., Moskalyk V.M., Arkhypov O.G., Kovalenko I.L., Berzenina O.V.

Technology for producing liquid mixtures N2O3–N2O4



Soldatkina L.M., Zavrichko M.A.

Mathematical modeling of modification of agro-industrial plant waste with hexadecylpyridinium bromide for adsorption removal of an anionic dye



Suvorin A.V., Ozheredova M.A., Bliznjuk O.N., Shorokhov M.N., Zubctov E.I., Krytska Y.А.

Chemical precipitation of Cr(VI)-containing water purification: the effect of the dosage of Ca(OH)2 and Ba(OH)2 on the purification degree



Titov Y.A., Belyavina N.M., Slobodyanik M.S., Chumak V.V., Nakonechna O.I.

Features of the SrLa22–xInxO7 two-slab structure



Farbun I.A., Trykhlib V.A., Tsyba N.N.

Characteristics of the sorption of aromatic and heterocyclic amino acids by activated coconut carbons with different bulk density



Fed’ko N.F., Anikin V.F., Veduta V.V., Laskorunska D.O.

Synthesis of 3,4-disubstituted benzo[de]benzo[4,5]imidazo[2,1-a]isoquinolin-7-ones



Cheltonov M.M., Oparin S.A., Matrosov A.S., Kirichenko A.L.

Extraction of high-energy components from products of recovery of solid propellant using dimethyl sulfoxide



Yutilova K.S., Bakhalova E.A., Shved E.N., Martseniuk N.S., Marchuk L.S.

Structure effects and influence of solvent polarity on catalytic acidolysis of 2-(chloromethyl)oxirane