Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii

Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology


Buchkevych I.R., Kurka M.S., Chervetsova V.G., Krvavych A.S., Monka N.Ya., Lubenets V.I., Novikov V.P.

Synthesis of condensed nitrogen-containing heterocycles of substituted 1,4-naphthoquinone



Varlan K.E., Chervakov D.O., Sverdlikovska O.S., Zahinayko E.C., Severenchuk I.M.

Modified phenolic resins and their compatibility with the components of epoxy-phenolic protective coatings



Girenko D., Shmychkova O., Velichenko A.

Influence of Ti/Pt electrodes history on its electrochemical properties during electrolysis of NaCl



Grytsenko О.M., Naumenko O.P., Suberlyak O.V., Dulebova L., Berezhnyy B.V.

Optimization of the technological parameters of the graft copolymerization of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate with polyvinylpyrrolidone for nickel deposition from salts



Koltsova Y.I., Nikitin S.V.

Preparation of porous glass-ceramic materials by using fuel slag



Poloz A.Yu., Shtompel V.I., Burmistrov K.S., Ebich Yu.R.

Features of interfacial interaction in epoxy composites filled with silicon carbide



Rymar T., Suvorin O.

Comparison of properties of liquid glass-based thermal insulation materials prepared by volume and contact grouting



Skіba M.І., Vorobyova V.I., Pivovarov О.А., Sorochkina K.О., Shakun A.S.

Plasma-chemical-assisted synthesis of silver nanoparticles using grape pomace waste



Stavytskyi V., Voskoboinik О., Kazunin М., Nosulenko I., Shishkina S., Kovalenko S.

Substituted pyrrolo[1,2-a][1,2,4]triazolo-([1,2,4]triazino-)[c]quinazoline-4a(5a)-propanoic acids: synthesis, spectral characteristics and anti-inflammatory activity



Stashenko K.V., Rudenchyk T.V., Galatenko N.A., Rozhnova R.A.

Synthesis and properties of composite materials based on polyurethane urea with fragments of polyvinyl butyral copolymer (vinyl acetate with vinyl alcohol) and lysozyme



Strutynska N.Yu., Danilchuk D.О., Slobodyanik M.S.

The binding of cesium, zinc and chromium cations during formation of apatite and whitlockite-related calcium phosphates



Sytar V.I., Sukhyy K.M., Mitina N.B., Garmash S.M., Lisichenko B.O.

The preparation of biodegradable composite materials based on polyvinyl alcohol



Farat O.K., Zaliznaya E.V., Varenichenko S.A., Markov V.I.

Synthesis of tetrahydroacridine derivatives through the Vilsmeier-Haack reaction



Farafonov V.S., Lebed A.V., Khimenko N.L., Mchedlov-Petrossyan N.O.

Molecular dynamics study of an acid-base indicator dye in Triton X-100 non-ionic micelles



Chernozhuk T.V.

Energetics of ion-molecular interactions in 1–1 electrolytes in non-aqueous solvents



Shabanova G.N., Korohodska A.M., Gamova O.A., Gaponova H.A., Levadnaya S.V.

Thermodynamic analysis of the possible existence of the ternary Вa3СоAl4O10 compound in the ВаО–СоО–Аl2O3 system