Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii

Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology


Brazhko O.A., Yevlash A.S., Zavgorodnii M.P., Kornet M.M., Brazhko O.O., Lagron A.V.

Basic approaches to the synthesis of pyrrolo[1,2-a]quinolines derivatives: a review



Bakhalova E.A., Kalinskyi O.M., Shved E.N., Yutilova K.S., Marchuk L.S., Zavydovskyi O.I., Didenko N.O.

Carboxylic acids as proton-containing nucleophiles in the reaction with (chloromethyl)oxirane



Vekshyn V.A., Grabovetskaya E.R., Abramova L.P.

Technical characteristics of a cellular catalyst for the reduction of nitrogen (II) and (IV) oxides and design of a suitable reactor



Hvozdiyevskyi Ye.Ye., Denysyuk R.O., Tomashyk V.M., Malanych G.P., Tomashyk Z.F., Korchovyi A.A.

Liquid-phase interaction of CdTe, ZnxCd1–xTe (x=0.04; 0.1) and Cd0.2Hg0.8Te with HNO3–НІ–C2H4(OH)2 etching compositions



Girenko D., Shmychkova O., Velichenko A.

Electrooxidation of chloride-ions on Ti/Pt anodes



Goleus V.I., Hordieiev Yu.S., Nosenko A.V.

Effect of the melting conditions on the properties of glasses in the system PbO–ZnO–B2O3–SiO2



Grishchenko L.M., Novychenko N.S., Matushko I.P., Mischanchuk O.V., Diyuk V.E.

Catalytic activity of activated carbon with supported phosphorus-tungsten acid in a reaction of alcohols dehydration



Huzova I.

Using ChemCad software for simulation of the process of distillation of benzene raffinate to prepare petroleum solvents



Dimitrov Ts.I., Ibreva Ts.H., Zaichuk А.V., Маrkovska I.G., Amelina А.А., Каrasik E.V.

Synthesis and study of low-temperature ferrum-willemite ceramic pigments



Zazharskyi V., Parchenko M., Fotina T., Davydenko P., Kulishenko O., Zazharskaya N., Borovik I.

Synthesis, structure, physicochemical properties and antibacterial activity of 1,2,4-triazoles-3-thiols and furan derivatives



Karavayev T.A., Osyka V.A., Komakha V.O., Kaluga N.V., Tkachuk V.V., Sikorskyi O.O.

Processes of chemical interaction in the system mineral filler–modifier–binder



Kityk А., Kun О., Pavlik V., Boča M.

Electropolishing of stainless steel with a high content of manganese in the deep eutectic mixture Ethaline



Kovalenko T.P., Serdiuk V.O., Vostres V.B., Matiko H.F.

Emulsion copolymers of methyl acrylate and decyl (meth)acrylate: synthesis and properties



Konovalova S.A., Avdeenko A.P., Lysenko E.N, Kuz’menko L.O.

Synthesis of 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)semicarbazide derivatives



Kostyk O.A., Budishevska O.H., Vostres V.B., Nadashkevych Z.Y., Voronov S.A.

Cationation of starch with an aminating reagent based on triethylamine and epichlorohydrin



Luk’yanenko T., Shmychkova O., Knysh V., Velichenko A.

Design and properties of dimensionally stable anodes on Ebonex® substrate



Moskalyk V.M., Arkhypov O.G., Sozontov V.G., Kovalenko I.L.

Effects of temperature and concentrations of initial components on the fabrication of liquid mixtures N2O3–N2O4



Musina A.O., Sihunov O.O., Kravchenko T.V., Hura A.O.

Thermodynamic analysis of chemical reactions in the systems FeSi–Ca(OH)2–H2O and FeSi2–Ca(OH)2–H2O



Daniel Nixon P., Joseph Kennady C.

Electrodeposition of manganese-nickel oxide films for supercapacitor applications



Ostapenko A., Gomelya M., Movchaniuk O., Trembus I.

Reinforcing a testliner with supporting chemical materials



Patrylak L.K., Pertko O.P., Povazshnyi V.A., Melnychuk O.V.

Influence of modification by Zr and La on the porous characteristics and catalytic activity of in situ synthesized microspherical cracking catalysts



Pirozhok O.V., Martsinko E.E., Chebanenko E.A., Seifullina I.I., Dyakonenko V.V., Shishkina S.V.

Synthesis and structure of heterometallic copper(II)–germanium(IV) complex with citric acid and 2,2′-bipyridine



Radzievska I.G., Melnyk O.P., Pasichnyy V.M., Marynin A.I.

Investigation of the surface-active properties of phosphatidylholine



Raspertova I.V., Vashchenko O.V., Lampeka R.D.

The structure and behavior in solution of a mixed-ligand complex of cobalt(III) with pyridine, 2-hydroxyimono-3-phenylpropionic acid and thiocarbamide



Rublova Y.D., Amirulloeva N.V., Protsenko V.S., Danilov F.I.

Surface activity of sodium dodecylsulfate at the interface “solution based on a deep eutectic solvent/air”



Savvоva O.V., Babich O.V., Fesenko O.I., Topchy V.L., Hristych O.V.

Development of high-strength anorthite glassceramics



Stashkiv O., Vasylechko V., Gryshchouk G.

Sorption of gadolinium on acid-modified clinoptilolite



Suvorin А.V., Savenkov A.S., Shmelev A.S., Bliznjuk O.N., Ozheredova M.A., Masalitina N.Yu., Ogurtsov A.N.

Mathematical modeling of the equilibrium between nitrogen(II) and (IV) oxides in the combined process of metals extraction from the spent catalysts



Sytar V.I., Kuzyayev I.M., Sukhyy K.M., Kabat O.S., Belyanovskaya E.A.

Influence of the nature and concentration of porogens on the structure and properties of phenylone



Tamarkina Yu.V., Sabierova V.O., Kucherenko V.O.

Formation of potassium humates during alkaline activation of brown coal



Titov Y.A., Belyavina N.M., Slobodyanik M.S., Chumak V.V., Nakonechna O.I.

Synthesis and crystal structure of isovalently substituted slab SrLa2–xDyxSc2O7 scandates



Tishchenkova M.O., Filin V.N., Ivashchenko N.G.

Use of polyacrylamides of a series ECOFLOC for dust suppression in ash and sludge collectors of thermal power plants



Fesych I.V., Nedilko S.A., Sabadash N.I., Dziazko O.G., Voitenko T.A., Grabovska O.V., Zelenko M.A.

Photocatalytic properties of the polymer composite based on zinc oxide



Kharlova M.I., Khomenko D.M., Doroshchuk R.O., Lampeka R.D., Smola S.S., Rusakova N.V., Shtemenko O.V.

Synthesis, structure and properties of bromotricarbonyl-ethyl 3-(2-pyridin-2-il)-1H-1,2,4-triazol-5-carboxylate rhenium(I)



Khoma R.E., Baumer V.N., Antonenko P.B., Snihach A.O., Godovan V.V., Ennan A.A., Dlubovskii R.M., Gelmboldt V.O.

Synthesis, crystal structure, and spectral characteristics of N-(n-propyl)aminomethanesulfonic acid. Acute toxicity of aminomethanesulfonic acid and its N-alkylated derivatives



Chebotarev A.N., Kosandiak R.R., Snihur K.V, Arabadji M.V., Snigur D.V.

Comparative determination of sodium in saliva by atomic absorption spectrophotometry and flame photometry



Shabanova G.N., Korohodska A.N., Levadna S.V., Gamova O.A.

Triangulation and characterization of the subsolidus structure in the systems CaO–CoO–MoO3, CoO–Al2O3–MoO3 and CaO–Al2O3–MoO3