Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii

Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology


Apostolova R.D., Baskevich A.S.

Synthesis of potassium vanadate and its behavior in the electrodes for lithium batteries



Atapin A.G., Nefedov V.G.

Parameters of oxygen bubbles evolved during the electrolysis of solutions with different concentration of NaOH



Varenichenko S.A., Farat O.K., Mazepa A.V., Markov V.I.

Synthesis of new Schiff bases based on formyl derivatives of xanthenes



Horniichuk O.Y., Kariaka N.S., Trush V.O., Smola S.S., Sliva T.Y., Rusakova N.V., Amirkhanov V.M.

Synthesis and investigation of binuclear rare earth complexes based on bis-chelating carbacylamidophosphate



Zhyhailo M.M., Demchyna O.I., Yevchuk I.Yu., Rachiy B.I., Kochubey V.V.

Preparation and characterization of UV-curable cross-linked organic-inorganic membranes



Zipunnikov M.M.

Formation of potassium ferrate in a membrane-less electrolysis process of water decomposition



Koltsova Y.I., Nikitin S.V.

Influence of burning mode and addition of micro-wollastonite on crystallization of porous glass-crystalline materials and their physical-mechanical properties



Krvavych A.S., Hamada V.R., Konechna R.T., Mylyanych A.O., Zhurakhivska L.R., Buchkevych I.R., Novikov V.P.

Extraction of phenolic compounds from the plant Adonis vernalis



Lavrenyuk H., Mykhalichko B.

Principles of controlled effects on performance properties of self-extinguishing epoxy-amine composites modified by copper(II) carbonate



Luk’yanenko T., Shmychkova O., Dmitrikova L., Borschevich L., Velichenko A.

The composition and electrocatalytic activity of composite PbO2– surfactant electrodes



Makeiev A.M., Keda T.Ie., Potiha L.M., Zaporozhets O.A.

Synthesis and fluorescence of triazoloazines derivatives



Minaev B., Aksimentyeva О., Lut O., Shevchenko O.

Electrochemical oxidation of tyrosine in an acid medium



Mishchenko A.V., Mishchenko E.V., Venger E.A., Kachuk D.S., Popovych T.A.

Increasing the hydrolytic stability of the films of polyurethane ionomers used for pigment colorings



Patrylak L.K., Zubenko S.O., Konovalov S.V., Povazhnyi V.A.

Alkaline transesterification of sunflower oil triglycerides by butanol-1 over potassium hydroxide and alkoxides catalysts



Perlova O.V., Tekmenzi E.I., Perlova N.А., Polikarpov A.P.

Recovery and concentration of uranium(VI) compounds from nitrate solutions by FIBAN fibrous ion exchangers under dynamic conditions



Pohorenko Yu.V., Nahorny A.A., Pshenychnyi R.M., Omel’chuk A.O.

Synthesis and conductivity of solid solutions МxPb1–xSnF4–x (М=Li, Na, K, Rb)



Poloz A.Yu., Prokopchuk N.R., Dolinskaya R.M., Ebich Yu.R.

The influence of polyamines on the properties of epoxy composites



Sysa L.V., Stepova K.V., Petrova M.A., Kontsur A.Z.

Microwave-treated bentonite for removal of lead from wastewater



Snizhko L.O., Gurevina N.L., Kalinichenko O.O., HolovenkoV.O., Roienko K.V.

Evaluation of the thermochemical reactions in the micro-discharges during plasma electrolytic oxidation of aluminium



Surovtsev A.B., Paios H.G., Dyachenko M.P., Mandzyuk I.A.

The effect of pre-encapsulating dispersed filler on the rheological properties of highly filled paste-like compositions based on oligomeric rubber



Tarnavskyi A.B., Khromyak U.V., Veselivskyy R.B.

Change of thermophysical properties of polyamides under the influence of polyvinylpyrrolidone



Khobotova E.B., Larin V.I., Kaliuzhna Yu.S., Storchak O.G.

Slag-alkaline binders based on dump waste blast furnace slag