Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii

Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology


Anisimov V.N., Anisimov V.V.

Technological features of processing linear block-polyurethanes of different morphology



Apostolova R.D.

Synthesis and characterization of zinc-containing derivatives of V2O5–x⋅yH2O oxide obtained via ion exchange for the application in the electrodes of lithium batteries



Boichuk T.M., Orlyk S.M.

The influence of the composition and method of preparation of supported In-, Co-oxide catalysts on their activity in the reduction of N2O and NO by carbon monoxide



Davidenko N.A., Mokrinskaya Е.V., Studzinsky S.L., Kravchenko V.V.

Photovoltaic properties of photosensitive oligomeric film compositions based on halogenated derivatives of carbazole



Dykun O.M., Redko A.M., Rybachenko V.I., Dzyuba O.I.

Reactivity of gossypol Schiff bases in reactions with 2,2′-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl in the presence of chloride acid



Dmytriieva T.V., Krymovska S.K., Bortnytskyi V.I., Kobylinskyi S.M., Riabov S.V.

Degradable properties of polyethylene compositions under the influence of binary functional additives from natural renewable sources



Zaichuk А.V., Amelina А.А.

Blue-green spinel-type ceramic pigments prepared from the slag of aluminothermal production of ferrotitanium



Znak Z.O., Sukhatskiy Yu.V., Zin O.I., Vyrsta К.R.

The intensification of the cavitation decomposition of benzene



Klymentiy N., Pukas S., Orovčík L., Gladyshevskii R.

Reinvestigation of the system Ti–Cu–Al at 800°C



Kostiv I.S., Havryliv R.I.

Determination of optimal conditions for preparation of 2-hydroxyethyl-1,3,4-trimethylcyclohex-3-encarboxylate



Matveichuk Yu.V.

Selenate-selective electrode based on higher quaternary ammonium salts with sterically available exchange center



Melnyk G., Dibrivny V., Gerasimchuk S., Shevchenko D.

Vapor-liquid equilibrium and excessive thermodynamic functions in the system “benzene–silicon-containing acetylene peroxide”



Melnyk Yu., Starchevskyi R., Melnyk S.

Transesterification of sunflower oil triglycerides by 1-butanol in the presence of d-metal oxides



Murashevych B, Nychyk N., Toropin N., Trush Y., Burmistrov K.

Chemical properties of some new quinoneimine derivatives



Nesterenko A.I., Nesterenko N.G.

Consideration of the features of a real experiment on the cavitation intensification of cracking of petroleum products



Nefedov V.G., Atapin A.G.

Analysis of the conditions of the formation of gas bubble nuclei in the course of water electrolysis



Pikh Z.H., Nebesnyi R.V., Pich A.Z., Ivasiv V.V., Kharandiuk T.V.

Mechanism and kinetics of the reaction of unsaturated aldehydes with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of selenium compounds



Sachanova Yu.I., Ved’ M.V., Sakhnenko N.D., Yermolenko I.Yu.

The effect of electrolysis mode on the quantitative and phase composition of Fe–Co–W(Mo) coatings



Semeniuk I.V., Kocubei V.V., Karpenko O.Ya., Midyana H.H., Karpenko O.V., Serheyev V.V.

Study of the composition of humic acids of different origins



Strutynska N.Yu., Slobodyanik N.S.

Influence of the nature of MIII on the crystallization of complex phosphates in the self-flux system Rb2O–P2O5–TiO2–MIII2O3



Trunova О.К., Berezhnytska O.S., Fedorov Ya.V., Rusakova N.V., Smola S.S.

Spectral-luminescent properties of Sm(III) complexes with unsaturated β-diketones



Fedorchuk A.A., Slyvka Yu.I., Mys’kiv M.G.

Synthesis and crystal structure of Ag(I) p-toluenesulphonate complex with 5-methyl-3-allyl-2-thiohydantoin