Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii

Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Archive 2018-6


Vereschak V.G., Baskevich A.S., Brodnikoskyi E.M.

Production of stabilized zirconia from heterometalic methanesulfonate complexes of zirconium(IV)



Havryliv R.I., Kochubei V.V., Lutsyuk I.V.

Kinetic analysis of thermal decomposition of finely dispersed limestone wastes for the development of a numerical simulation model



Dontsova T.A., Krimets G.V., Melnichuk O.V.

Influence of the synthesis method on the structural and sorption characteristics of tin (IV) oxide



Zinchenko V.F., Sobol V.P., Magunov I.R., Mozgova O.V.

Germanium monoxide as a promising material for interference optics of infra-red spectral range



Ivantsova E.S., Radio S.V., Rozantsev G.M., Shved E.N.

Aquapolytungstates of d-metals in a solution with acidity Z=1.00



Lavrenyuk H., Mykhalichko B.

DFT study on thermochemistry of the combustion of self-extinguishing epoxy-amine composites modified by copper(II) sulfate



Martsinko E.E., Chebanenko E.A., Pirozhok O.V., Seifullina I.I., Dyakonenko V.V., Shishkina S.V.

Modification of bis(citrato)germanates with hexaaquacations of cobalt(II) and manganese(II) by 1,10-phenanthroline



Olyshevets I.P., Dyakonenko V.V., Shyshkina S.V., Trush V.O., Sliva T.Yu., Amirkhanov V.M.

Synthesis, structural and spectral studies of anionic tetrakis-complexes of lanthanides CsLnL4 with SAPh-ligand – dimethyl(phenylsulfonyl)amidophosphate



Paiuk O.L., Mitina N.Ye., Riabtseva A.O., Haramus V.M., Dolynska L.V., Nadashkevych Z.Ya., Zaichenko A.S.

Structure and colloidal-chemical characteristics of polymeric surface active substances based on polyethylene glycol-containing macromeres



Slipkan A., Shtemenko N., Bray R., Obarska-Pempkowiak H., Shtemenko A.

Aggregation properties of some zirconium phosphate loaded with dirhenium(III) complexes



Sukhova О.V., Polonskyy V.А., Ustinоvа К.V.

Microstructure and corrosion properties of quasicrystal Al–Cu–Fe alloys alloyed with Si and B in acidic solutions



Trunova E.K., Mishchenko A.M., Rogovtsov A.A., Makotryk T.A.

Crystal structure of a novel cobalt(II) complex with ethylenediaminedisuccinic acid



Khokhlova T.V., Chertihina Yu.A., Mutalieva B.Zh., Kudasova D.E., Yanova K.V., Prosyanik A.V.

Aminofumaric acid derivatives: synthesis and influence on the development of plants



Chayka M.V., Tomashyk Z.F., Tomashyk V.M., Malanych G.P., Korchovyi A.A.

Features of the chemical dissolution of CdTe, ZnxCd1–xTe and CdxHg1–xTe single crystals in K2Cr2O7–HBr–C4H6O6 aqueous solutions





Avina S.І., Loboyko О.Y., Маrkova N.B., Sincheskul O.L., Bahrova I.V.

Research into platinum-based tailings derived from a recovery boiler of the production of nitric acid and its preparation for the extraction of platinum group metals



Yelatontsev D.O., Suprunchuk V.I., Ivanchenko A.V.

The kinetics of adsorption of resinous substances on bentonite clay in the treatment of wastewaters of coke production



Zaichuk А.V., Amelina А.А.

Blue-green ceramic pigments in the system CaO–MgO–Al2O3–SiO2–СоО–Cr2O3 based on granulated blast-furnace slag



Perlova O.V., Dzyazko Yu.S., Ivanova I.S., Malinovska О.О., Palchik A.V.

Inorganic and polymer modified sorbents: removal of uranium(VI) from aqueous solutions and regeneration



Sitar V.I., Anisimov V.М., Mitina N.B., Garmash S.М.

Research into biodegradation of linear copolyurethane blocks filled by stroke in the process of vermicultivation



Fedorenko O.Yu., Bilostotska L.O., Bohdanova K.B., Polukhina K.S., Pavlova L.V.

Surface coloring with solutions of salts of densely baked ceramic materials



Tselishchev O.B., Loriya M.H., Boichenko S.V., Yelisieiev P.Y., Matvieieva I.V.

Research on the influence of hydrogen peroxide on the transformation of carbohydrates in a cavitation reactor



Cherginets V.L., Ponomarenko T.V., Rebrova T.P., Varich A.G., Rebrov A.L., Datsko Yu.N.

On efficiency of low-temperature crystallization for the purification of aqueous solutions of cesium iodide from isomorphic admixtures