Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii

Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology


Barbash V.A., Yakymenko O.S., Yashchenko O.V.

Effect of hemp nanocellulose on the quality indicators of food packaging paper



Boychuk O.V., Pletenets Ye.S., Pershina K.D.

Thermoelectric properties of the modified natural aluminosilicates



Borisov I.O., Gevod V.S., Kovalenko I.L.

Reagentless reduction of hydrogen carbonate-calcium hardness of water: equilibrium states and kinetics



Varenichenko S.A., Kharchenko A.V., Farat O.K.

Synthesis and in silico ADMET profiling of novel 5-arylidene-2-(2,3,5,6,7,8-hexahydroacridin-4(1H)-ylidene)-1,3-thiazolidin-4-ones



Vakhitova L.M., Taran N.A., Bessarabov V.I., Vakhitov R.A., Rayenko G.F., Popov A.F.

Rheologically improved microemulsion for deactivation of simulants of blister and nerve agents



Galstyan A.

Catalytic oxidation of 4-nitro-α-phenylethanol by ozone in acetic acid solution



Girenko D., Murashevych B., Velichenko A.

Synthesis of sodium hypochlorite solutions in coaxial flow cells in current reverse modes



Gurbanov H.R., Adigezalova M.B.

New multifunctional corrosion inhibitor of steel in formation water with oil containing hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide



Demchenko N.R., Bondar О.S., Tkachenko S.V., Kurmakova І.М., Tretyak O.P.

The efficiency of protection of structural steel by cationic inhibitor under conditions of corrosion with bacterial sulfate reduction



Dolenko S.O., Golovkov A.M., Kravchenko H.M.

Correlation between biological activity and physicochemical properties of sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate in aqueous solutions



Duvanova E.S., Radio S.V., Rozantsev G.M., Yutilova K.S.

Synthesis and thermolysis of sodium–manganese paratungstate Na5[Mn2.5(W12O40(OH)2)]·36H2O



Zaichuk O.V., Sukhyy K.M., Amelina O.A., Hordeieiv Y.S., Filonenko D.V., Rudnieva L.L., Sukha I.V., Halushka S.A.

Thermodynamic analysis of the reactions of strontium anorthite formation during the firing of thermal shock resistance ceramics based on the eutectic glasses of the SrO–Al2O3–SiO2 systems



Karpova S.P., Zhuravel I.O., Kolisnyk S.V., Golik M.Yu., Kryskiv O.S.

Deductive approach to redox titration and kinetic-spectrophotometric methods for quantitative determination of ampicillin



Konovalov S.V., Zubenko S.O., Patrylak L.K., Povazhnyi V.A., Davitadze D.Z.

Evaluation of available adsorbents for the dry washing of the wasted frying oil based crude ethyl esters



Kut D.Zh., Kut M.M., Ostapchuk E.M., Onysko M.Yu.

Regio- and stereo-selective halogen-induced cyclization of terminal alkynyl thioethers of 3-phenylquinazoline-4-one



Malook M.V., Matrosov O.S., Rula I.V.

Complex zinc (II) compounds as nitrification inhibitors



Nefedov V.G., Matveev V.V., Polishchuk Yu.V.

Features of the cationic hydration and its influence on the structure of electrolytes and their viscosity



Nikolenko M.V., Myrhorodska-Terentieva V.D., Vashkevych O.Yu.

Comparative analysis of the kinetics of dehydration and dextrinization of potato and corn starch



Pershina K.D., Trunova O.K., Artamonov M.S., Boychuk О.V.

Electrochemical properties of Co(II) complexes with rutin in aqueous-alcoholic solutions



Proidak A., Hasyk M., Proidak Yu., Bezshkurenko O.

Modeling of temperature-concentration ranges of phase stability and liquidus surface in the ternary Fe–P–C system and phase composition experimental study



Sybir A.V., Hubynskyi S.M., Fedorov S.S., Sukhyy K.M., Hubynskyi M.V., Vvedenska T.Y.

Peculiarities of high-temperature refining of carbon materials



Starovoyt A., Malyi E., Chemerinskiy M., Starovoyt M.

Modification of the properties of coal electrode pitch



Strutynska N.Yu., Titov Y.O., Slobodyanik M.S.

Synthesis of magnesium-containing calcium phosphates by methods of chemical precipitation in aqueous solutions and solid-state interaction



Tiutiunyk V.V., Kalugin V.D., Levterov А.А., Sydorenko O.V., Starodubtsev S.A., Usachov D.V.

Establishing the nature of kinetic effects of the high-temperature oxidation (combustion) process of some liquid organic matters by acoustic radiation



Yutilova K.S., Shved E.N., Martseniuk N.S.

Thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of epichlorohydrin acetolysis under catalysis by triethylamine in solvents of various polarities