Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii

Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology


Gelmboldt V.O.

Fluorosilicic acid: secondary raw material and reagent in technological practice and preparative synthesis (a review)



Zinchenko V.F., Magunov I.R., Mozkova O.V., Gorshtein B.A.

The problem of oxide admixtures in zinc sulfide as a material for infrared optics (a review)



Skoryna D.Yu., Voskoboinik O.Yu., Kovalenko S.I.

Reactions of 1,4-NCCN-, 1,4-NNCN– and 1,5-NCCCN-binucleophiles with dicarboxylic acids cyclic anhydrides as a method of heterocyclic compounds synthesis (a review)



Grynyshyn О.B., Donchenko М.І., Kochubei V.V., Khlibyshyn Y.Y.

Main features of the technological process of aging of bitumen obtained from the residues from Ukrainian crude oil processing



Zaichuk O., Amelina A., Hordieiev Yu., Kalishenko Yu., Ovchynnykov O., Basov Yu., Sanin A., Kulyk O.

Thermodynamic analysis of reactions of the celsian phase formation during the synthesis of thermal shock resistance ceramics based on eutectic glasses of the BaO–Al2O3–SiO2 system



Zinko L., Nychyporuk G., Gladyshevskii R.

The system Hf–Re–Si at 1000°C



Ivakha N.B., Berezhnytska O.S., Rohovtsov O.O., Savchenko I.O., Rusakova N.V., Trunova O.K.

Spectral-luminescent characteristics of coordination compounds and metal polymers of Yb(III)



Knysh V., Shmychkova O., Luk’yanenko T., Velichenko A.

Template synthesis for the creation of photo- and electrocatalysts



Malook M.V., Matrosov O.S., Kramarev S.M., Shtemenko O.V.

New nitrification inhibitors based on copper(II) complex compounds



Protsenko V.S., Pavlenko L.M., Bobrova L.S., Korniy S.A., Butyrina T.E., Danilov F.I.

Ni–La coatings as electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction deposited from electrolytes based on a deep eutectic solvent



Farat O.K., Varenichenko S.A., Markov V.I.

Synthesis and spectral properties of new xanthene-like fluorophore and light-filter



Shevchenko O.V., Burenkova K.V., Fedko N.F.

Compensatory method for the synthesis of chelating polymeric ligands based on styrene and 5-methyl-5-hexene-2,4-dione as a way to increase the efficiency of macroinitiators of the β-diketonate type