Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii

Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology


Apostolova R.D., Shembel E.M.

On ways of conversion of silicon dioxide SiO2 in lithium battery systems: a review



Al-Mashadani Asmaa H., Mohammed Dawood H.

New spectrophotometric method for estimation of losartan potassium using Alizarin Red reagent



Harutyunyan L.R., Tangamyan L.S., Manukyan A.V., Harutyunyan R.S.

Characterization of both anionic and cationic surfactant-modified natural zeolite and its application for removal of metal-ions from aqueous medium



Vassilyeva O.Yu., Kokozay V.N., Skelton B.W.

Iminophenol as a ligand or cation in cobalt(II and II,III) complexes: synthetic approaches, spectral and structural studies



Velihina Y.S., Pilyo S.G., Ivanova I.V., Brovarets V.S.

Synthesis of pyrazolo[1,5-a][1,3,5]triazine and oxazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidine derivatives and study of their vasodilator activity



Haleha O.V., Povidaichyk M.V., Svalyavin O.V., Ostapchuk E.M., Onysko Yu.M.

Synthesis and conversion of thiazinobenzothiazolium salts



Kiose O.O., Savin S.M., Afanasenko E.V.

Salts and double tartratogermanates/stannates of 3d-metals as modifiers of unsaturated oligoesters



Konovalova S.A., Avdeenko A.P., Pirozhenko V.V., Goncharova S.A.

Conformational transformation of N-[arylsulfonylimino(phenyl)methyl]-1,4-benzoquinonemonoimines



Kuzmenko M.Ya., Sporyagin E.O., Kuzmenko O.M., Filinska T.G., Filinska А.О.

Using the method of calculating the total molar energy of cohesion to choose the most effective plasticizer



Kushchenko I.V., Zui M.F.

Dispersion liquid microextraction of fluoroquinolones



Matskiv O., Znak Z., Vasiychuk V., Nagursky O., Kurylets O.

Determination of the composition and study of the extraction of iron compounds from organochlorine wastes of vinyl chloride productions



Myrhorodska-Terentieva V.D., Nikolenko M.V., Bukhal K.O., Avdiienko T.M.

The effect of heat treatment of starch on its crystal structure and dynamic viscosity of starch pastes



Mukhachev A.P., Nefedov V.G., Yelatontsev D.O.

Aggregate technology for processing uranium–phosphorite ore



Redko A.V., Таmarkina Yu.V., Redko A.M., Frolova I.B., Кucherenko V.A.

Direction of changes in porous structure and adsorption capacity during topochemical oxidation of coal activated by alkalis



Saienko N.V., Bikov R.O., Demidov D.V., Skripinets A.V., Obizhenko T.M.

Study of the effect of silicate fillers on the structural and rheological properties of acrylic dispersions



Sozontov V.G., Kravchenko I.V., Kovalenko I.L., Zubtsov Ye.I., Berzenina O.V.

Technology for production of granular porous ammonium nitrate



Khalyavka T., Lysenko A., Tarasov V., Zakharova O., Ponomarenko N.

Photocatalytic destruction of the products and waste of chemical and pharmaceutical industries



Yutilova K.S., Bakhalova E.A., Shved E.N., Kravchuk А.V., Lisova L.S.

Nucleophilic epoxide ring opening in the system «epichlorohydrin–carboxylic acids–tetrabutylammonium iodide–solvent (ε=15.1–28.7)»